delivery: Shipping - Transport 

Our prices are Departure Vrasene (ex. Works), unless stated otherwise on the quotation and on the order confirmation. Transport of the goods takes place at the risk of the customer, even with carriage paid delivery. The quantities stated on the consignment note or delivery note count as delivered quantities. Returns to our address must be free, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

Delivery : Terms, execution and modification

The orders will be executed in order of reception. We ship the order to the address you provided when you placed the order. This can be done via the website, on the quotation or on the order. We deliver orders that are in stock as soon as possible. We do everything we can to always deliver within the stated delivery period. Sometimes this does not work unfortunately. The terms that we have set in the agreement are therefore without obligation and are only mentioned for information . Can we not comply with this? Then this does not give you the right to dissolve the agreement or to claim compensation and interest . We therefore decline any responsibility for late delivery. If we think we are not meeting the delivery date, we will of course let you know as soon as possible and we will look for a solution together. Would you like your order to be delivered in a different way than through our delivery options and couriers? No problem. In that case the shipping costs and administration are for your own account. Does your order have to be shipped abroad? Then we are happy to discuss this with you. We always do shipments abroad ex works. Sometimes we cannot deliver your entire order in one go. Fortunately, in such a case we have the right to deliver products in different parts.
We bring your order where you want, do you ensure that there is enough space for the delivery? In addition, it is important that we can reach the place properly. In some cases the products have to be stored. This is done at your risk. Is there a deviation in the delivery, quantities or specifications? Together we will find a solution. In that case you still have to pay the invoice. As a customer, do you refuse products or services, or do you not meet your delivery agreement? We think that's a shame. In that case, ATB has the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect. Or to have direct access to the products. We can recover the damage and / or costs incurred by this situation from the customer. Think of transport costs and storage costs.

Delivery : service and processing costs

The service and processing costs include administration, internal logistics, packaging materials, etc. and are costs that are charged in addition to the transport costs. 
The rates are calculated as follows, when purchasing: 
  • 1 piece : € 35 
  • 2 pieces € 30 (i.e. € 15 per item) 
  • 3 pieces € 20 (i.e. € 10 per item) 
  • 4 pieces € 15 (i.e. € 3,75 per item) 
  • 5 pieces € 12 (i.e. € 2,4 per item) 
  • 6 pieces € 10 (i.e. € 1,67 per item) 
  • From 7 units € 0 
Countable units are the purchased tires and rims . All extra products such as inner tubes, flaps, valves, etc. (this list is not exhaustive) are not included in the count. As well as any other article can be explicitly excluded from this count by ATB BV. The transport costs are stated separately on your invoice and are separate from the service and handling costs.