Return policy


Delivered goods can only be returned if not damaged, not used, unassembled, after written request and approval from ATB. We will credit you the purchase amount of the returned goods, minus 10% of the invoiced amount for handling and administration costs. The previously incurred service, processing and transport costs are not credited.
Costs for goods to be returned are for your account.


All products that we supply to you work as you can reasonably expect. As long as you use them for what they are intended, of course. The warranty that we explain in this article applies to products used in Belgium. Do you use the products outside of Belgium? Then we can impose different warranty and other conditions.
The warranty we mention in this article is the manufacturer's warranty provided by the manufacturer of the product. Unless we have agreed otherwise together.
Are you using the product incorrectly? Then the warranty will expire. This also applies if you use the product after its expiration date, store it incorrectly or not properly maintain it. Even if there are circumstances beyond our control, we unfortunately cannot offer you a guarantee. Consider, for example, extreme weather conditions.
We expect you as a customer to examine the products that we bring to you, to see if everything we have agreed is correct.
Are there visible defects in the products you receive from us? Then you must report this to us within 3 working days. Please do this in writing and in as much detail as possible. Invisible defects must be reported in writing within 5 working days. Are you not doing this? Unfortunately, this is no longer possible at a later time.
Are you reporting a defect in your product (s) on time? Then you still have to pay. Of course we are going to do everything we can to solve the problem. Are you not making a timely notification? Then we assume that you accept the products.
Is your report too late? Unfortunately. Then you are no longer entitled to repair, replacement or compensation.
Do we agree that your product is not working as you might expect and have you reported this in time? Then we will replace the returned product as soon as possible after we have received the return shipment. If we cannot replace or repair the product, we will reimburse you.
Does your complaint appear to be unfounded? Then the costs we have incurred for research are for your account.
If the warranty period has expired, all costs for repair or replacement are for the customer. This also applies to administration, shipping and call-out costs.
Have we made or purchased a product or material especially for you? Then we will never take this back.
If you have caused damage to a returned product yourself, we will not take it back. You will have to pay the costs associated with this. A return shipment must be in the same condition as we delivered the product.
We do not accept any responsibility for any accident or damage, delay or interruption of service caused by defects, hidden or otherwise, in our products, or any manufacturing defect.
The claim for compensation can never exceed the amount of the delivered goods.
We reserve the right, even in the course of the execution of an order, to require any such financial or other security as we consider useful. Goods can only be submitted for warranty assessment if it can be demonstrated that they have met the requirements set during use . In case of claims, the returned goods will only be credited if the claim is accepted and for the percentage that can be claimed. If the claim is rejected for valid reasons (incorrect use of the goods, misleading or incorrect information when placing the order, ...), no compensation will follow and all costs incurred in connection with the warranty assessment will be borne by the applicant.
Goods that have already been destroyed by the customer before the warranty assessment can never be the subject of further warranty assessment.
All cases of force majeure entitle us to terminate or suspend the commitments entered into at our discretion, without any formality and without the purchaser being able to claim any compensation or compensation.

Guarantee / warranty products:

Goods presented for warranty assessment must be accompanied by: a copy of the purchase document to which the relevant goods relate. Clear, unambiguous photos of the affected goods with additional photos of the affected defect. Only after this first assessment can ATB continue in its assessment. Goods presented for warranty assessment cannot be destroyed. If this nevertheless happens before the procedure has been completed, then any form of guarantee will lapse and the procedure will be terminated completely. In this case, the necessary administrative costs (with a minimum of € 50) will be charged for the work already performed by ATB. Even in the event of a negative assessment of the warranty, all costs incurred on the part of ATB that relate to the warranty assessment will be charged (with a minimum of € 50).

Warranty on used tires:

Used tires will always show signs of wear. Selection and inspection is done at ATB under strict criteria.
However, you do have a warranty on our tires under certain conditions.
a) Your tire is flat:
report within two days. If the tire is flat, it can be seen after one day. If you only report after 14 days that the tire is flat, this will affect the credibility and there could also be abuse. It is therefore advisable to check the tires at least once in the first two days. If you report the leak within two days, we can replace the tire.
b) A bladder on the side of the tire:
Report within 48 hours after the tire has been inflated . If there is any damage at the location of the bladder, the warranty will lapse. We check the tires for damage and test for blowing. We only replace the tire if no damage is visible.